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Welcome to the  "Video Gallery"  of  Engr  M. Hadi Ali Khan





This video Gallery contains the  "Movies" whose thumbnail icons and Names are shown below. Click on the thumbnail Icon or on the name of the desired movie, for its downloading and saving to your computer. 


      FIR-AUN KI  LAASH     Duration = 04 mins, Size = 31 MB


   Aligarh Muslim University   (History, Personalities & Tarana); Duration = 14 mins, Size = 42 MB 


        What Qur'aan Says to You ?   (Messages given by some selected verses); Duration = 13 mins, Size = 45 MB

      25  GOLDEN  PRINCIPLES  FOR  DUNIYA  & AKHIRAH     Duration = 5 mins;   Size =  13.8 MB   


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