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Department of Electronics Engineering

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                    Chairman  :  Prof. Muzaffar A. Siddiqi

Teaching Staff

Technical Staff

1 Dr. Wasim Ahmad Professor 1 Er. M. Hadi Ali Khan J. T. Officer
2 Dr. M. J. R. Khan Professor 2 Mr. M. Wasim Khan Tech.Asstt.(Store)
3 Dr. Muzaffar A. Siddiqi Professor 3 Mr. Ahmad Hasan Sr. Lab. Asstt
4 Dr. Parvez Mustajab Professor 4 Mr. Mohd. Sulaiman Jr. Lab. Asstt
5 Dr. M. Salim Beg Professor 5 Mr. Achhan Ali Jr. Lab. Asstt
6 Dr. Mohd. Hasan Professor 6 Mr. M. Tariq Khan Lab. Attendant
7 Dr. Ekram Khan Professor 7 Mr. Shamim Haider Electrician
8 Dr. Tahira Parveen Associate Professor 8 Mr. Talib Bin Ghani Lab. Attendant
9 Mr. M. R. Abidi Associate Professor 9 Miss Rafat Idrees Lab. Attendant
10 Dr. M. Jawaid Siddiqi Associate Professor
11 Dr. S. A. Rahman Associate Professor

Office Staff

12 Dr. Omar Farooq Associate Professor 1 Mr. K. M. Akmal P. A. to Chairman
13 Dr. A. A. Moinuddin Assistant Professor 2 Mr. Asghar Farooqi UDC
14 Dr. Anwar Sadat Assistant Professor 3 Mr. Bilgirami Accountant
15 Mr. S. J. Arif Assistant Professor 4 Mr Nadim Nami Asstt
16 Mr. M. Samar Ansari Assistant Professor 5 Mr Anees Ahmad Office Attendant
17 Ms Parveen Beg Assistant Professor

The information about each staff member will be uploaded shortly on receipt.
The teaching staff members are requested to provide the information about them according to the proforma prescribed by the Chairman.