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Instructions for Downloading and Saving the Movies from the Video Gallery of Makki Sahab


Downloading Instructions

To download and save a video clip (movie) to your computer, take the following Steps:- 

Step 1:- Click on the 'Thumbnail View' or on the name of the Movie.  

Step 2:- On the next opening page, click on the tab "Download File" located at the bottom of that page. 

Step 3:- On the  next opening page,  choose "Save", to save the movie to your computer.

Step 4:- After saving the movie (video clip) to your computer, double-click on it to play it in "Windows Media Player", and connect your speakers / Headphones to listen to the sound playback in background. (The movie is best viewed on full-screen).

Step 5:- To view the movie on the full-screen of your computer, first play the movie, then right-click on the player's screen (after the movie starts playing) and choose "full-screen" from the pope-up menu.